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Finally, an easy to use software tool that compiles & processes all of your sales data & various traffic channels and gives you simple to understand yet actionable metrics & reports in seconds, that everyone can understand & interpret (even if you are terrible at math)


Growing Your Online Business Just Got a Whole Lot Easier.

Sherpa Metrics decodes your marketing statistics and gives you the numbers in plain english so you can grow your business with confidence, without the need of a math degree!

Meet Base Camp:

Your New Marketing Dashboard

You shouldn’t have to spend hours every time you want to try to decipher how successful your marketing was today, over the last week, 6 months or over any other time period. With Sherpa Metrics’ Base Camp, you’ll get all the data you need in seconds.


Complex Data Made Simple

Powerful Marketing Reports That are Easy to Understand

We’ve created Sherpa Metrics with one thing in mind: Making what was previously complicated and confusing, easy & simple.


But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean your data comes watered down. It’s the opposite.
We give you the data you you need most, in a way that’s easy to understand.

It’s easy to go get started

Get set up in 10 minutes or less

Sherpa Metrics goal is simple: Making it easy for you to know how effective every dollar you spend on marketing is, then helping you use that knowledge to grow your business even more!

And in just 3 simple steps, we’ll have you all set up and ready to start guiding you to the top!



Lifetime Reports

As soon as you start using Sherpa Metrics we get to work right away crunching all of your historical data so you instantly will get pivotal data that you can then take immediate action with. Without knowing your historical average earnings per lead you will have no idea how much in advertising you can spend to get new leads and without knowing your customer lifetime value you have no clue how much you can spend to acquire a new customer!

This is the key to scaling a business online – without this, you’re completely gambling and taking on too much risk.


Promotions Reports

Finally an easy way to keep track of your promotions to know which promotions were your big winners. Inside each promotion you’ll be able to see exactly how much of your sales came from email, vs social media or paid ads so you can focus your time where it counts most!


Product Reports

Now you can quickly uncover exactly what products are selling well and which are not. You’ll also instantly see what percentage of total sales each individual product is contributing to ensure you have a healthy business with no risk areas that can blindside you.


Contact Reports

It’s no secret that building an email list will lead to the greatest ROI in your business and this report will instantly show you your list growth, your average earnings per lead by date range and also what percentage of your new leads are becoming customers! This is so important when scaling a business online and is your ticket to knowing just how fast your converting to customers to turn your ad costs to sales to be able to fund more email list growth!


CRM, Email & E-commerce Platforms









Advertising Platforms


Facebook & Instagram Ads


Google Ad Words

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