Why People Pay for Information They Can Get For Free

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I have no doubt in my mind that you’ve thought to yourself – why would anyone pay me for information that they can easily get for free online? It’s not a bad question! The answer though is quite simple and straightforward… Convenience. While it’s not probable or likely that you’ll get everyone of your viewers to pay for your product, … Read More

7 Reasons Why You Need an Online Business

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At the expense of this being a “duh” type post I hope to provide some detailed (and real) insight as to why doing business online is in a class of its own and quite frankly if you aren’t partaking… you are missing out. I don’t want you to miss out though, I want to inspire you to get in on … Read More

Are the Riches Really in the Niches?

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One of my buddies, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income always likes to say “the riches are in the niches”.  In case that phrase doesn’t resonate with you, let me explain a bit about what he means. Let’s start off with a literal definition of “niche” – the situation in which a business’s products or services can succeed by being … Read More

What is Scaling & Why it Matters

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No I am not talking about some weird term related to cooking fish.  This is a business term.  Have you heard of it? The word “scaling” or “scalable” gets thrown around quite often in the online business space and for good reason since one of the greatest perks of having an online business is its relative ease of “scaling” your … Read More

6 Tips to Win on Social Media

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Is it me or is there a new social media outlet coming out each and every week?  Well maybe not weekly but certainly they are popping up quicker than I care to keep up with. It’s a necessary evil nowadays so I certainly would recommend devoting some time to learning the ins and outs so you too can be a … Read More

The Time is Now!


Do you know of anyone who is doing really, really well with some sort of online business?  Do you know that right now there are numerous YouTube / social media sensations with millions of followers all from just posting random, yet consistent videos? The point I am trying to make is there are success stories from every day “average joes” … Read More

The One Thing You Need

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It’s no surprise that most small businesses fail. Unfortunate, yes. Makes sense, yes. But why? Is it a lack of hard work or a lack of a plan? Of course I am sure there is no one size fits all answer for everyone, but what I can say is, I do know the one thing that is a must for … Read More