Why Creating an Online Business is Way Easier Than You Think

ColeOnline Business

The internet is a magical thing.  While it certainly has made it easy for everyone to share information – across the entire globe.  It also has made it very easy to replicate what others are doing. Sadly, some take advantage of this “ease” and will actually steal content from others – don’t do that.  That’s not only shameful but against … Read More

My Life Converted


Everyone has an expected path to follow in life. Society has done a great job by paving this expected path for us and instilling these thoughts in our brains at an early age. You know what I am talking about… You go to school, then you get a job and you work your way on up through the years. At … Read More

What’s Your Back-Up Plan?

ColeGetting Started

When it’s business as usual, all is well.  It’s easy to get in the routine and flow of write content and deliver to your audience.  Over time you build a treasure trove of data. It often takes years of hard work to build up this gold mine that has managed to permeate its way up the ranks in Google and … Read More

5 Rules to Follow When Creating Your First Product

ColeGetting Started

There are a ton of different ways that you can make money online. Odds are, a lot more than you even know of! It’s no surprise that I am a fan of creating your own digital information product because quite simply they are high value products that have high profit margins and can be sold around the clock for as … Read More

Is Email Marketing Dead?

ColeEmail Marketing

Everywhere you look you’ll read about the need to build a list. Build your list. Build your list. Ok, you get it. But is the money REALLY in the list? Sure, it totally makes sense that you spend your time to build your email list and you now have an audience that you can within a minutes draft an email, … Read More