6 Tips to Win on Social Media

ColeSocial Media Strategy

Is it me or is there a new social media outlet coming out each and every week?  Well maybe not weekly but certainly they are popping up quicker than I care to keep up with.

It’s a necessary evil nowadays so I certainly would recommend devoting some time to learning the ins and outs so you too can be a social media winner, rather than loser.

People want personality.

Always remember that.  Social media is the best place to show that personality off…  Why do people want personality?

They are tired of cold business relationships and experiences.  Tired of the in and out transaction.  They want to buy from people. From people and brands that they feel connected with and know.

Be that guy or gal.

Here are some tips that will work for you regardless on which social media flavor of the week it is.

  1. Be Personal – Get away from only posting about your business.  It’s very transactional and lacks personality.
  2. Be Relatable – When you share personal insight and stories you are giving viewers easy ways to relate to you which often translates into trust in you.
  3. Write Like a Human – Don’t write for the Google-bots, write like a person. Let people here your voice within your written word.
  4. Respond! – When someone takes the time to leave a comment or even write you an email…RESPOND to them…and thank them.
  5. Be Consistent – Perhaps the biggest key to winning on social media is being consistent with your posting. Give people a reason to like your facebook page or follow your instagram.  Consistency helps so do it.
  6. Value & Engage – Offering free helpful content full of value to your followers is the quickest way to gain new fans and create a loyal audience that appreciates you and your brand.

Put these quick tips into good use and you’ll be leaps ahead of most other online brands and businesses out there!