Why Creating an Online Business is Way Easier Than You Think

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The internet is a magical thing.  While it certainly has made it easy for everyone to share information – across the entire globe.  It also has made it very easy to replicate what others are doing.

Sadly, some take advantage of this “ease” and will actually steal content from others – don’t do that.  That’s not only shameful but against the law.

However, by simply knowing where to look or who to follow you can easily learn the exact strategies that others have been using to build a successful online business.

Why re-create the wheel when you can easily model what has already been working for so many others?

While you might be afraid of the technical aspects of building a business online I can assure you that it’s actually not that difficult.

For the most part you don’t need to know any HTML or computer programming (although it certainly doesn’t hurt) and that is great because it’ll allow you to focus on the important things – the process and strategy behind the message.

That’s where the money is made.

Where should you look?  Here is what I recommend.

The first step is simply finding out who you want to follow and study – ideally, follow your own industry leaders so you can start to see how you might be different from them.

Then – sign up for their mailing list.

By signing up for their mailing list, you’ll now be able to understand how they communicate with their audience.  You’ll uncover what their email marketing strategy looks like.

  • How often are they emailing you?
  • How long/short are the emails?
  • The tone of the emails
  • The purpose of the emails – selling, stories, content?

At some point you’ll probably be offered a product to buy… now you can study their sales process!

  • What does their product sales page look like?
  • Is it selling through a video sales letter or just text?
  • What’s the price point?
  • How does the order form look?

If you choose to buy their product, now you can get access to their sales funnel!

  • What happens after you submit payment?
  • Were you given upsells/downsells?
  • Any email follow-ups days/weeks later?

Let’s not forget about social media… follow their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube pages/channels and see what they are doing.

Read through comments and understand what content people are enjoying and engaged on.

  • How are they engaging with their audience on each specific social media outlet?
  • What is working & what isn’t working?
  • How often are they posting & what types of posts?

You can go on and on with this idea of reverse engineering and just simply studying. That is the beauty of online.

It’s an absolute gold mine of information and it’s there for you – you just have to mine it out.

Now – just to be frank with you, there is a LOT of behind the scenes work that goes on and is automated that you likely won’t see.

Email marketing and sales funnels can get extremely complex but lucky for you – I love that stuff and can help you show you what is underneath 6 and 7 figure businesses bringing them in thousands and thousands of dollars each day – it’s fascinating stuff.

But that’s a much longer conversation we’ll save for another day!

Got a question? Let me know below!