7 Reasons Why You Need an Online Business

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At the expense of this being a “duh” type post I hope to provide some detailed (and real) insight as to why doing business online is in a class of its own and quite frankly if you aren’t partaking… you are missing out.

I don’t want you to miss out though, I want to inspire you to get in on the action.

So lets dive in…

Here are just 7 reasons why you need an online business…

  1. 24/7 Work – Don’t you want to work around the clock? I certainly felt like I did in my previous work life… the difference though, is with online, you are essentially always “working” even when you aren’t anywhere near a computer or smartphone.  The idea of build the products once and then make money on them again and again and again regardless of where you are or what you are doing is beyond amazing.
  2. Anywhere/Anytime – When your work is online, you are just about completely mobile. You can work from anywhere in the world…provided you have an internet connection.  Want to travel the world?  You can easily do it when your business is online.
  3. Fast Money – It’s no shock that online business can be insanely lucrative. There are many people making 7 figures a year doing it (and also many who are doing 8 figures or more a year). No lie, it takes a ton of work for that kind of success (or even anything close to it) but once you get there you can make fast money quick.
  4. Scalable – The largest problem with businesses that rely on YOUR own effort or services are it is hard to scale and grow your business. With online business, especially when selling passive products (info products – ebooks/video courses etc…) your business can easily scale to as large as you want it.
  5. Sky is the limit – In terms of earnings…corporate jobs are pathetic. They are terribly horrendous.  Work your ass off for an entire year and collect a 3% raise…or maybe if you did REALLY good, you’ll get a promotion and get an 8% pay bump.  With your own online business, if you want to make more you easily can.  You’re in control of your destiny.  Why settle for 3 to 5% yearly raises when you can easily double, triple or quadruple your salary from one year to the next.  Sound crazy?  It’s not.  I’m doing it and so can you.
  6. Helping Others – While the pure business end of online entrepreneurship is full of positives, the fact that you are literally helping others from around the globe is something that you don’t have in many other types of business. It’s seriously the best feeling.  Cole’s Classroom has grown to over 185,000 email subscribers from over 150 different countries, but each one of them follows me because of the help they get with their photography.
  7. Risk Free Business – Ready to be your own boss but afraid of the cost implications? With online business you can get started for about $100.  Your only real “cost” when starting out is your time that you invest…sounds like a pretty low-risk business to me 🙂

I hope this sheds some insight into why I think online business is so freakin’ amazing.  It’s changed my life and I want it to change yours too!