You’re Crazy If You Aren’t Using Webinars in Your Business (Here’s Why)

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In case you didn’t know – webinars are “in” and it’s because they flat out work.  It doesn’t matter if you are using them for teaching, selling or a little of both they are an outstanding way to get your message out to the masses with relative ease.

I converted 28% of the live webinar viewers

Here are some primary reasons why I love webinars

  1. Interactive – digital marketing is changing, in fact it already has. Consumers want to consume media differently.  Simply reading an article is a thing of the past.  People want interactive media and more important, they want to see and hear YOU.  Webinars are great because not only can they see you but the can hear you too, and believe me, that works wonders for “connecting” with your audience.
  2. One to Many – In the old days, you’d have to fill a room to get your voice and message heard. Nowadays, you can have a webinar and your same single message can be heard by thousands from across the globe and in any timezone.
  3. Cost Effective – You are giving a presentation. You also can elicit most of the same experience that your fans would get from a live in person presentation with an online webinar.  The best part though…there is no cost to rent a “room”, or airfare or catering etc…  Along with greater costs come greater risk (what if you don’t sell enough seats to cover costs) but with online webinars you virtually eliminate that risk.  How much does it cost?  The company I use, Webinar Jam costs roughly $397 per year – that’s a steal.
  4. Conversion King – While it might be perfectly ordinary or average for you to convert about 1% of your sales page traffic to a customer, webinars , when done right…blow those conversion statistics out of the water. It is quite common to convert 20% of your viewers into buyers.  In fact on a recent webinar I held, I converted 28% of the live webinar viewers (and even more afterwards with the webinar replay).
  5. Value First – Every time I host a webinar, it is first and foremost a free live web training and let me tell you, people LOVE free web trainings. If you are giving major value to your audience on a webinar, there is no quicker way to build a loyal and engaged audience of followers than by hosting webinars.
  6. It’s Personal – Consumers buy from people and companies that they know, like and trust. When you’re on a webinar and others can hear and see you, they automatically will get to know, like and trust you more than they would/could from simply reading a new tutorial or article you posted.

See what I mean?  Webinars are here to stay and trust me, they are a win/win for you and your audience.  So what are you waiting for?

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